Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Ghost Hunters Drinking Game

The new season of Ghost Hunters is under way...and what better way to celebrate than to get totally drunk?  (Mom, that was a facetious comment!)

Note: This may not necessarily be for the die-hard Ghost Hunter fan, as it WAS posted on a site called the Skeptical Viewer, hehe.  And please, a little of the new mother coming out of me...please drink responsibly...and not at ALL if you're under 21!

Sip for each irritating music cue that turns out to be an anticlimax.
Sip for each bizarre question asked of a ghost.
Sip for each exciting apparition which takes place just out of view of the camera.
Sip each time someone says, "What was that?"
Sip each time a team member reads out normal EMF background readings in an excited tone of voice.
Sip whenever TAPS misuses equipment.
Do a shot each time an explanation starts with "some people believe" or "it is believed"…
Do a shot for each EVP that you can only understand while looking at the subtitles.
Do a shot each time a team member breaks a promise to a spectral entity.
Do a shot each time Grant says "What the fej?!"
Do a shot whenever Steve feels something crawling on him.
Do a shot whenever Jay and/or Grant fail to recognize their own reflections or shadows, especially on FLIR.
Do a shot whenever someone falls over and blames it on invisible entities.
Do a shot when TAPS seems on the verge of uncovering proof, then calls it quits because of the irresistable call to "wrap it up".
Chug each time an object moves shakily on its own toward Grant's last known position.
Chug whenever Pilgrim Productions decides that the show isn't exciting enough on its own and decides to add their own artistic and/or editorial touch.

Even MORE shot-worthy events, including variations for Ghost Hunters International

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