Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Have YOU Been Abducted by Aliens?

Take this survey to find out! Er, and please note, this is for entertainment value only!

Give yourself one point for each YES answer--

1. Do you take more vitamins than most people?

2. Do you have sinus trouble or migraine headaches?

3. Do you feel you are psychic?

4. Do you secretly feel you are special or chosen?

5. Do you secretly fear being accosted or kidnapped if you do not constantly monitor your surroundings?

6. Do you have trouble sleeping through the night for unexplainable reasons?

7. Have you seriously considered or did you install a security system for your home even if there was no justification?

8. Do you have dreams of flying or being outside your body?

9. Do you dream about seeing UFOs, being inside UFOs, or interacting with UFO occupants?

10. As a child or teenager, was there a special place you secretly believed held a spiritual meaning just for you?

11. As a child or adult, did you ever hear a voice inside your head talking to you which wasn't your own?

12. Did you ever experience a period of time while awake where youcould not remember what you had done during that period of time? Thismissing time may have been a half hour, several hours, a whole day or more. Do not answer "yes" for memory lapses due to highway driving, drinking binges, chronic pain, medical conditions, exhaustion, effects of medication, mind-altering substances, or being lost in reading a good book.

13. As a child or adult, have you seen faces or beings near you when in bed which were not explainable?

14. Have you ever seen a UFO?

15. Have you ever seen a UFO up close within short walking or driving distance?

16. If you have seen a UFO up close, were you strongly compelled to walk, drive or stand near it?

17. Do you have a waking memory of being inside a UFO or interacting with its occupants?

18. Do you feel fear or anxiety over the subject of aliens or UFOs?
19. Have you had multiple sightings of UFOs?

20. Are you more sensitive to issues affecting the earth, its environment and all life forms than other people?

21. Do you have dreams where superior beings, angels, or aliens are educating you about mankind, the
universe, global changes or future events?

22. Does your home have unexplainable sounds, apparitions, or unusual events which are attributed to ghosts?

23. As a child or adult, have you had nosebleeds or found blood stains on your pillow for unexplainable reasons?

24. Have x-rays or other procedures revealed unexplainable foreign objects lodged in your body?

25. Have you awakened to discover unexplainable marks or bruises on your body?

Score 0-5: Your score indicates very few similarities with experiences of known abductees. You probably have not been abducted.

Score 6-10: Your score indicates more similarities in your background than the average person when compared with experiences of other abductees, but you probably have not been abducted.

Score 11-15: Your score indicates a suspicious number of events in your background commonly experienced by other abductees. You may want to explore the abduction possibility further.

Score 16-20: Your score indicates many events in your background commonly experienced by other abductees. There is a good probability you have been abducted and you may want to explore this possibility further -- if you haven't begun to do so already.

Score 21-25: Your score indicates an overwhelming number of events in your background commonly experienced by other abductees. There is a high probability you have been abducted. You may feel compelled to explore the abduction possibility further -- or perhaps you already know you are an abductee.

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