Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You Know You're a Ghost Hunter When...

Here's one especially for the paranormal investigators...It's eerie how true some of these are!  Feel free to add your own additions to the list and/or experiences in the Comments section.

You Know You're a Ghost Hunter When:

You get excited over photos most people throw away

You Make a game of blinding fellow hunters with your camera flash in the dark

Your used to getting blinded by camera flashes  in the dark

You pay to spend the night in old prisons

You have several objects that beep attached to you while hunting

You chase after weird sounds most people run away from

When you tell people your a ghost hunter, you get the same look as if you said you were an alien

You wear a flashlight on your head and don't feel like a dork

when you have hundreds graveyard of pictures saved on your computer

 when you have dozens of flashlights in you car...that don't work

 you've bought more than three digital cameras in the last month

You go through more batteries than a 6 year old

You know your a ghost hunter if your at this website

You return your new digital camera and explain to the store manager "I didn't get any pictures of ghosts with this damned thing! Give me my money back!"

When you spend more time in the cemeteries than you do at work.

You MAY be a paranormal investigator if...

~ You have more photos of dust than you do of your family
~ You hang out on a paranormal message forum more then any other place on the net
~ You talk to brown outs
~ When your car has a bumper sticker that reads: I'd Rather Be Ghost hunting!
~ You are more afraid of the living than you are of the dead
~ You're the only one in the photo shop who gets excited over "bad"pictures
~ Your coolest ghost photo is framed and hanging in the hallway with your family photos
~ 99.99% of your bookmarks on the Internet are ghost related

~ You invite friends over to watch home movies and they see your last
three investigations (Film of an empty room for 3 hours.)
~ Your houseguests stare at the Sony Night cam aimed at the bed in
the guestroom and you have to tell them it isn't what they think it is
~ You sit at your computer and look at the reflections in the screen
to see if there is anyone behind you
~ You sleep with a camera next to your bed, "Just in case"
~ You find an EMF detector next to the remote for the TV
~ You know what an EMF detector is and how much they cost
~ Your kid says they have an imaginary friend, and out come the
cameras, tape recorders, and camcorders
~ At your kids school play you film the ceiling, hallways, and places
where there are no people
~ You spend as much time looking at the negatives, as you do the
~ You spend more time with dead people than the living
~ You're watching scary movies with your family and someone asks "Can
ghosts really do that?" and you actually have an answer
~ Attending a family reunion is a trip to the family plot
~ Your friends tell you not to get involved in this stuff, because
you may end up having a ghost possess you
~ Your newest electronic toy is an EMF Detector
~ You sit at the office all day staring at a mini web cam of some
deserted boat's engine room waiting for that "ONE PICTURE" instead of
getting any of your work done
~ You have more recordings of EVPs than you do of your favorite music
~ You're the only one at Uncle Bob's funeral with an EMF meter
~ UPS now delivers your new equipment to the office rather than your
home so you don't have to explain to your spouse why you need another
Infrared Thermometer
~ You have more film equipment than Steven Spielberg
~ You get a new camera and the first thing you do is get rid of the
~ You refuse to make friends with people who are skeptics
~ You take a picture of your entire family and ask any deceased
relatives to join in the picture
~ You spend all your free time in creepy places and abandoned
~ You are able to recognize what cemetery a photo was taken in
regardless of who took it
~ You spend more on batteries than you do on food
~ Your neighbors think you're a cat burglar because you're always
dressed in black and carrying bags to and from the car in the middle
of the night
~ You look at your friend's vacation photos for an hour and can't
recall what the photo was of, exactly
~ Your purse is a camera bag
~ You own more than 5 pieces of gadgetry and carry it with you at all
time, "Just in case"
~ Your photo developing budget is higher than your rent
~ You listen to your answering machine messages on the highest
possible volume at least a dozen times, "Just in case"
~ Your family doesn't understand what you do in cemeteries and think
you have an unhealthy death obsession
~ You have a clause in your Last Will and Testament stating that you
will try to contact your group and lists the things you will do
~ Your camera costs more than your car
~ You don't have a car because you spent your money on cameras
~ Your local Police Department stops responding to "people in the
cemetery" calls because they know it's just you
~ You can name more than 5 people buried in any given cemetery and
they're not related to you
~ You greet them when you drive by that cemetery
~ You get offended when people call you a ghost buster
~ You have gotten into a fight over the definition of an orb
~ You have ever taken a camera or voice recorder with you on a trip
to the emergency room
~ You understand what "Dude, RUN!" means
~ You can only find your way around town if it's dark
~ You give driving directions that include "Turn at the cemetery" as
a landmark
~ You have 15 flashlights in your car but can't find one in your
house when you really need it


  1. i love ghost hunting

    1. Me too! Although I'll admit...I'm more of a fan of the research aspect, especially historic research, than the gadget part, lol.

  2. Just found your site! Very cool stuff. I found it from looking at the Wells Inn in Sistersville. I Love that place. The only time I ever experienced anything is in the basement going to the pool area!