Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Eddy Chapel Cemetery

Eddy Chapel and Eddy Chapel Cemetery are located in Leon, Mason County.

The cemetery is located in a bend in the road, and at midnight during clear nights, a baby is sometimes seen or heard crying in the bend. The baby is said to have been killed in the area.

The cemetery itself has graves dating back to the early 1800s. One grave is that of a Confederate soldier, who was buried outside the cemetery property due to the area being largely Union supporters. Locals sometimes leave flowers for him.

Another story involves this same area (Beech Hill), but the house is torn down now. Many decades ago a local woman was dying of typhoid fever, and not expected to live through the night. As per custom, the family and neighbors set up with the sick woman that night. A group was out on the front porch having a smoke, when they claimed that a woman wearing all white walked up onto the porch, and wordlessly touched the doorknob before walking back off. The woman who was not expected to live through the night miraculously and completely recovered.

Thanks to Travis for the information!

Cemetery Information and Photo from WV Cemetery Preservation Association

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