Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Creepiest Photo EVER

Okay, maybe not the creepiest photo EVER, but its pretty darn creepy, lol.  The following wedding day photo and article are from Paranormal Little is known about this photo, so if you have any info, please pass it along. Also, please comment and share your thoughts on what this could be: clever hoax, extreme pareidolia...or genuine ghost!

This is a photo of my aunt's wedding day. The year was 1942, and the photo was taken with a box camera. On some of my feedback I'm told it's not really there! Well, I know it is. This picture has been passed down. Please give me some feedback. I would like too see what everone thinks. It was taken in Jasper, Alabama. --Liz

Original Link

Theresa's Analysis:

I've started seeing this photo pop up a lot on social media lately, and one argument that people keep trying to use on this photo is that since it was taken in 1942, prior to the digital age of Photoshop and fake photo apps, it HAS to be real.  Well...

You can't really use that argument.  For one thing, even in 1942, it was possible to alter photographic images--Hitler's regime was notorious for it, removing and adding people from photos to coincide with the latest allegiances and propaganda.  But...just take a look at the image I provide as well as others posted online that actually show the area in question on the original circled in black.

The very fact that a circle has been added to these images, as well as the fact that the zoomed in version has been enhanced (note, its a different color) means that it HAS been digitally altered in some way.  As far as I know, the first time this photo EVER appeared to the public was on the website, prior to 2008; its never shown up unaltered in any pre-digital age book or publication.

And personally, when you look at the original as compared to the 'enhanced,' the face just doesn't mesh up. It looks like a simple case of pareidolia that was digitally enhanced to appear as a menacing figure.


  1. I can't tell if it's truly paranormal or a hoax but it is creepy.

    1. Yes it is! What makes it even creepier is that after all this time, no one has come forward with any additional information that I've seen.

    2. I would wager that this is not real, but I can't get a good quality shot to really look at closely to see if this is a simple photoshop of an older photo, or if the photo was hoaxed at the time it was does kinda look like there is actually SOMETHING there, lol. Luckily, no harm seems to have befallen this couple from the ticked off looking entity behind them!

  2. Where's the photo in the original link?