Friday, March 18, 2011

Wells Inn, Sistersville

The Wells Hotel was opened on January 15, 1895 by Ephraim Wells, the grandson of the founder of Sistersville, Charles Wells.   In 1894, oil was discovered in the area, making Sistersville an oil boom town.  The grand hotel was built to cater to the oil barons and the upper class citizens and travelers.

The mostly prosperous hotel passed through many owners over the years, opening and closing several times.  It was almost shut down in 1994 after a hard winter caused massive damage to the structure.  Luckily, the Boyd family purchased the inn, restored it, and added modern amenities, such as a pool and exercise area.  Walt Boyd, a former owner, is said to look eerily like Mr. Wells. 

The ghost is said to be that of Ephraim Wells himself, whose portrait hangs proudly in the hotel.  The ghost likes to move things around when no one is present, and strange noises are heard at night.  Doors slam on their own and an elevator frequently comes down from the third floor when no one is around.

Room #324 is said to be home to at least one strange incident.  A maid went to clean the room, but found the door stuck shut.  She said the door literally "sucked itself shut" with the exact  same results for all three tries at opening the door.  On the fourth try, it opened normally.

It is also said that the sounds of writing can be heard coming from Mr. Wells' former office on the second floor, and footsteps are heard walking down halls and passageways.

Today, the Wells Inn is under new ownership and its wonderful history is being preserved for another well as offering a wonderful dining and community experience.  Please go visit their Facebook page to keep up-to-date with current events.

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  1. The Wells in has a new owner so this should be updated.

  2. Our family stayed there this past summer.. It took us back in time and was a nice little place to stay. Don't expect great luxuries, it is under renovation. Do expect to travel back in time to antiques and beautiful wood work. I don't believe in ghosts, nor do I believe if one would exist it would be a bad spirit. After all the hotel has been there a long time and holds a lot of history. Who knows if the footsteps we heard at 4 a.m. was simply the normal sounds one would hear from an establishment that is over 100 years old. Just maybe it was a ghost that continues to walk the halls of a place long ago they once called home ...


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