Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gen. Lewis Inn, Lewisburg

The General Lewis Inn opened in 1929 by Randolph K. and Mary Milton Hock.  The Hocks purchased the historic John Withrow home, and actually built the rest of the inn around the existing structure.   The Withrow home was built in 1834, and was home to James Withrow's son.  James was a prominent early citizen who built the first brick home in the area, which is still standing.

 The Withrow home is now the east wing of the inn, the wing which holds the current dining room. The inn was named after General Andrew Lewis, as was the town of Lewisburg.

There are at least three ghosts who inhabit the Gen. Lewis Inn.  The first is a slave named Reuben.  Reuben is said to have been hanged in the are that is now the dining room, and he can be seen sitting at one of the dining room tables.  It is in the dining room that a paranormal investigator reported seeing a napkin rise and fall to the floor.

The second ghost is that of a little girl.  Guests and staff have reported the sounds of a little girl both crying and laughing coming from either room 206 or 208.

Room 208 has another ghost, who is probably the most well-known ghost  at the inn.  She is the "lady in white," whose portrait hangs in the room.  However, no one knows where the portrait came from, or who its subject is.  While known as the "lady in white," an apparition of a woman wearing a gray Civil War era dress has been spotted floating slightly above the ground.

Obviously, while you're in the area, you'll also want to check out the final resting place of Zona Heaster Shue, the Greenbrier Ghost!

Update May 2009:  Some HPIR acquaintances recently spent the night in Suite 202, and each had a ghostly experience with who they believe is the little girl ghost.  Two women both report waking up at various times in the night to see a figure standing by their respective beds.  Both independently described the figure as being thin, a little taller than the back of a rocking chair, and wearing brown.  The figure appeared to be facing away from the bed, and disappeared shortly thereafter.  A third woman awoke in the night to her bed shaking, as if someone was trying to rouse her from sleep.

The staff at the inn keep record of the paranormal experiences of guests, and these women were told that Suite 202 had also been a site of activity for the little ghost girl.



  1. im staying tonight at the General Lewis in suite 202... we shall see!

    1. Nice! Have fun, and please let us know if anything happens!


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