Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Second John North House

There are actually two John North Houses in Lewisburg.  The Second John North House is located at 200 S. Lafayette St., and was built in 1835, on one of the original 64 lots that made up Lewisburg.  It was a "Traveler's Inn" in the 1920s, and is now owned by Paul and Aimee Hanna.
The following story is from the WV Tourism Board:

 A story of a romance ending in tragedy makes a perfect ghost story. The John North Second House in Lewisburg is home to such a story. Legend has it that a young lady was sent to live with her aunt and uncle to keep her away from a soldier with whom she had fallen in love. She spent much time in her room, sinking into a depression. During a Christmas visit to her parent's house, she met her true love and he vowed to come to Lewisburg to visit her. He kept his promise, but was only allowed to speak to her from the corner of the street next to the house. After his departure, he paid children to deliver spring flowers to her each day. He was never able to visit again, and in despair, the young woman hanged herself in the only closet in the house. Since then, owners of the house report smelling flowers, even in the winter, and seeing a female apparition. One owner grew tired of hearing the sounds coming from the closet, so he boarded it up, even though it was the only closet in the house.

It is also said that around that same time a soldier, who was on his second visit to Lewisburg, was shot in the stomach and died within sight of the John North Second House.

Was this the young woman's long, lost love? No one knows for sure, but many think it is. Visit Lewisburg and decide for yourself.

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