Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Haunted Cottage

Believed to have been built around 180 years ago, the pre-Civil War Booth House has had a long and sinister reputation to the Harpers Ferry locals. 

The Booth house was so called because during the time before the Civil War, John Wilkes Booth was nationally known as a famous actor.  Several times throughout his life (and before the act that has thrown him in US History infamy), he would visit Harpers Ferry and need a place to stay.  It was this quaint little cottage on Old Taylor Lane where he'd rent a room, and from time to time, invite a lady friend to accompany him.  Due to the patronage of this famous figure, locals dubbed the building "the Booth House."

Over the years, the cottage served many purposes, and was recently on land owned by a dairy farm, where it was rented out to various families as a single-family home.  Although not everyone who stayed at the Booth House had a paranormal experience, there was enough talk to get this location cited as being one of the most haunted in all of Harpers Ferry!

It was this haunted history and prime location that attracted author Vince Wilson to the site.  In 2009, the Booth House finally became available, and Wilson was able to rent it.  It is now used as his own residence as well as a paranormal museum and training facility, and is known simply as the Haunted Cottage.  Within months of moving in, Vince had his own experience:  phantom footsteps were heard AND recorded coming from the second floor of the house.

Other experiences include a wide array of sounds and physical sensations.  Footsteps, singing, and people talking have been heard, and some people have felt the sensation of having their clothes or hair tugged.  Other stories recall various shadowy beings, and objects moving on their own.

If you'd like to experience the ghosts of the Booth House for yourself, the Haunted Cottage hosts many different events and tours throughout the year, as well as offering admission to a large paranormal library and of course, the paranormal museum.

Haunted Cottage Website

Photo property of the Haunted Cottage

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