Thursday, February 16, 2012

Return to Bruce Chapel

On Saturday, February 11, 2012, HPIR made its return trip to investigate Bruce Chapel in Mason County, WV.  Bruce Chapel first came to the attention of HPIR in 2006, as many reports surfaced online concerning alleged paranormal activity at the location.  In August of that year, the newly formed investigation group conducted an outdoor investigation of the grounds and surrounding cemetery.  That investigation resulted in one of HPIR's first  and finest EVPs as a group...and a quest to know more.  Sadly, I had not yet joined the group yet, and missed out on this early investigation into a location that has intrigued me for quite some time. 

To hear the EVP for yourself, please see the link below, and let us know what YOU think is being said!
Bruce Chapel Investigation 2006

On a return trip to this location a year or so later, a newly erected gate over the entrance road to the church pursuaded us to turn back, for fear that the vandalism had taken its toll, and that public visitors were no longer allowed unrestricted access to the grounds.  Luckily, that wouldn't be the end of our relationship with Bruce Chapel!  Just recently, the property was passed down, and a family member to the chapel's founding fathers and mothers contacted us.

We jumped at the opportunity to revisit this historic location, and see the inside of the chapel.  Winter, which had been on vacation all season long, chose OUR weekend at the chapel to finally show up, but we braved the snow and below-freezing temperatures and conducted a successful investigation of this wonderful location.  While personal experiences were scant, within a day or so, the first piece of possible evidence popped up:  a photo taken by Melissa, HPIR founder, during breakdown.  The photo, taken with an infrared camera, shows a strange anomaly behind investigator Carrie, as she takes up video cable.  After much scrutiny and analysis, HPIR is still at a loss to explain this photo, which many believe shows a young child, curiously peering from behind our investigator as she works. 

As of this point, the photo can be found on the HPIR Facebook Page, linked below.  You can also see how we've tried to analyze possible theories as to what the anomaly is, and even see the photo inverted in an effort to get a clearer view of it.

HPIR FaceBook

Even without that photo, the investigation was a great success.  Despite the cold weather, the chapel itself had a warm and inviting aura to it.  Despite its age and previous vandalism, the building was in remarkably beautiful shape.  The love and protection of almost 200 years of care by its congregation and family members have left a lasting impression.  Fortunately, that tradition will carry on, as further plans to improve and protect the property are being put into place by the current owners.  Eventually, the location will be made open to the public.  As that information is released, HPIR and Theresa's Haunted History of the Tri-State will keep readers informed.  We're also still going over evidence and will update if anything becomes available.

Theresa's Note:  In preparation for this investigation, I found a TON of more information on the Moore Family, Mai Moore Mansion, and of course, the chapel and its cemetery.  In addition, the owner gave us some clippings that further provided and verified some wonderful historic details about the location.  The updated information can be found in part at the links below, but not all information will be disclosed at this time.  For additional information, please email me:

Bruce Chapel History
Mai Moore Mansion History

Photo above taken by Melissa Stanley and is property of Huntington Paranormal.  It may not be used without permission.

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