Thursday, February 16, 2012

Medina Steakhouse and Saloon

I'm still working on enhancing the Haunted Ohio section of the site, and with that, I bring you the latest post from Medina!

The Medina Steakhouse and Saloon is located in a former stagecoach stop.  The stagecoach stop was built in 1858 by Harrison Blake, a colonel with the Union Army.  Over the years, the building has been used as an inn, a brothel, a grocery store and finally, as of 1997, the Medina Steakhouse and Saloon restaurant.

In 2011, the Medina Steakhouse and Saloon changed its name to the Medina Steak and Seafood Company, but it didn't change its haunted reputation.  Employees believe that no less than three ghosts inhabit the restaurant.  The first is a woman named Anna or Ann.  Marcelle Arndt, former owner and self-proclaimed parapsychologist, made contact with Anna through a Ouija board, and found out that she died at the inn in 1895.  Anna is credited with mysteriously putting out a fire on the second floor, and saving the building.

The second spirit is that of a man who hanged himself in an upstairs hall.  A visiting psychic called in to get rid of the ghosts came up with the name of Frank Curtis, a handyman who died on Christmas Eve, 1922.  According to employees, the psychic was unable to get rid of the ghosts...but they did find evidence of a Frank Curtis buried in a local cemetery.

The third spirit is that of another female.  She simply goes by the name "M" and may or may not be the sister of Anna.

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  1. Do you know that Marcella killed herself and used to live with a coffin in her house....

    1. I hadn't heard that. Thanks for sharing! That definitely adds an interesting element to the story.