Monday, October 24, 2011

Alum Creek's Most Haunted Cemetery

In the past few years, a new ghost story has started making its rounds on the internet...the location is listed as Alum Creek Baptist Church Cemetery.  However, there IS no Alum Creek Baptist!  There are several possible locations, such as Alum Creek's Independent Baptist Church, that may fit the bill, but I think the most likely candidate is the Forks of Coal Missionary Baptist Church at Alum Creek.

The Forks of Coal Missionary Baptist church was founded in 1832, according to the Alum Creek Wikipedia, and sits below an historic cemetery...the Forks of Coal Community Cemetery.  It is this cemetery where numerous witnesses have encountered an older gentleman wandering the cemetery grounds.  The gentleman, who is often mistaken for a visiting mourner, seems confused and disoriented.  When the witness approaches the gentleman to offer assistance, the man disappears before his/her eyes.

If you have any additional information on this haunting, or the history of the church and cemetery, please drop me a line at  Thanks!

Find-A-Grave Listing for Cemetery

Photo above property of Robert Fitch, Find-A-Grave Contributor

Update:  On November15, 2011, I was out driving around and happened across this cemetery.  It is a fairly large cemetery, with a wide date range of tombstones.  The cemetery itself is laid out quite goes up the hill from the church, in sort of a bowl, or horseshoe pattern, but then after you reach the top, slopes steeply back down towards a ravine.  There's even one section where a set of stairs have been built to help visitors safely navigate the decline to the graves scattered below.

The phantom man very well could be a...well, phantom....but one cannot dismiss the possibility of him being a real person.  There are houses behind the ravine and to the side of the cemetery.  It is possible that this is a living man, confused as to why people are in the cemetery when they shouldn't necessarily be...and then seemingly disappears by taking a few steps and being blocked by the crest of the hill, lol. The cemetery does give off a somewhat creepy vibe, and while I was visiting, had another visitor pull up beside me and sit behind the church steps, which was unsettling to say the least, lol.


  1. Do you have History in Fuquay alum creek wva of Indians who may have lived or died tragic deaths 200 years ago or so? battles grounds and or barrial grounds. we live in Alum creek.I have lived here for around 45 years. and have wittness alot of ghost activity. for more info call 304-756=9659 ask for pam

  2. The land where the church is setting was given to the church by my great great grandfather Charles Cabell. This is what my grandmother told us (Olivia Cabell) also buried there next to my dad (her son). They are on the back side sloping down the hill. We were told any relative of the Cabell family can be buried there without charge. My Mother Zela Armstrong has paperwork to that affect. I visited the cemetery 10 years ago with my yorkie and she was spooked, she wanted nothing to do with this place. She wanted me to carry her. This was in the winter time and I felt uneasy while I was there. But when I got to my dad's and grandmothers grave all that feeling went away. Then my yorkie wanted down to roam around. When I was younger we would walk all around the place and never felt anything strange. The only thing I do remember was a smell of flower preservative in air every time we visited. I' have never forget that smell.