Monday, October 31, 2011

Ghost Found on Guyandotte Ghost Tours?

We had another successful round of tours this past weekend!  Despite the rain on Friday, we still had a fair number of people, but a clear, brisk Saturday brought them out in droves!  A big thank you to everyone who came out and supported HPIR this year!  We do these tours because we're proud of the history of our small town of Guyandotte...and what better way to teach history than through a good ghost story?

Perhaps through a good ghost photo?

The photo above was submitted by a family who attended my first  tour of the evening on Saturday.  It was taken at the Patterson House, where a spirit dubbed Harry has been said to make his presence known.  According to the family submitting the photo, visible in the window is what appears to be a young boy.  I DO see what can be called a young boy's face, complete with bangs, an ear, a nose, and the eyes and chin.  Unfortunately, despite having a second photo taken seconds before for comparison, I cannot completely rule out pareidolia.  However...I'll let YOU decide what you see (or don't) see in the photograph!  ; )

Also, if you missed this past weekend's tours, its not too late!  This coming weekend will bring the Guyandotte Civil War Days' tours.  My favorite ghost is a Civil War era ghost, and you're sure to meet one or two on this interactive tour.  For more info, see the link below!

Haunted and Historic Guyandotte Tours

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