Paranormal Photos Page!

Everyone loves a good ghost picture, right?  Ever since the camera was invented, we humans have been on a quest to photograph the unknown.  From the earliest Spiritualist photos, to modern day cell phone snapshots, our culture has been fascinated with seeing through the lens what the naked eye cannot.

Each day, countless photographs are taken, and many of those wind up on one or more of the hundreds of Facebook pages, Reddits, etc. dedicated to ghost and spirit photography.  Since our eyes CAN deceive us...and photographs DO lie, I've dedicated this page to taking a closer look at the phenomena of spirit photography and some of its most widespread examples.

Here you'll find vintage photos that have withstood the test of time and are still considered the best examples of ghosts caught on film to date.  You'll also find a wide range of known hoaxes...and even a few simple examples of camera malfunction.  Where applicable, I've tried to dig into the history behind each photo, and offer my own analysis in addition to that of those more skilled in the photography field than myself.  Please enjoy this creepy collection of photographs and decide for yourself which ones are fact...and which ones are fake.