Friday, April 25, 2014

Creepy Family Photo

This looks like a nice, family photo! look a little closer.  Eagle eyed viewers have spotted a disembodied hand clutching the arm of the child on the left.  Do you see it?  Creepy, right?

This photo has been on the internet a LONG time, and has recently enjoyed another round of being passed off as a ghost photo.  To some, the image is nothing more than a 'photoshopped' forgery.  I'm in the latter camp...sorta.

I don't think this photo is paranormal in anyway, but I don't think it was an intentional hoax, either.  What I believe happened is just some simple photo editing.  Obviously, this is a staged family photo; all members are dressed similarly and are posed nicely in a scenic area.

  But, this family has two very young little girls.  They also have a baby and a dog.  Can you imagine how hard it would be for even a professional photographer to get all the kids smiling, looking at the camera and NOT blinking?  Can you imagine how hard it must have been to get the dog to stay still long enough and to keep the baby calm and not crying?

I believe that the photographer took several shots of the family in this similar pose, and then combined two or more shots together to get the best possible result overall.  Obviously, in one shot, the older sister had her arm around her younger sibling and the photographer missed it.  If you look closely, the hand does appear to belong to a small child.

This kind of thing actually happens more than you'd think, especially in print advertising.   Check out the phantom hand on this catalog model:


  1. Thank you! This is exactly what my response was the first time I saw this photo being passed around as paranormal. (And multiple times since then). I am a hobbyist photographer, my daughter is a pageant girl, and I know first-hand what photographers have to do to get that perfect shot. This is not paranormal and it's not an intentional hoax. It's an accident caused by a photographer trying to give Mom and Dad the perfect family picture that they paid for. Nothing more. Thanks again. Love your site!

  2. This is a fraud in my book. You believe everything you see in a photo or a home movie. It is to easy to fool someone who believe what they want to believe, hear what they want to hear, see what they want to see. I myself am a Christian, I know that there are a lot of unexspained things that happen in this world, however, I don't believe in ghost the same way others do. The Bible says that the dead knows nothing. But dose say that angelic & demonic spirits are about the earth. This tells us that, (if a person claims to see a ghost of a past family member, what they are seeing is not. If what they see dose not scare them because that person lived there life right as a child of God, then what you are seeing is an angelic spirit looking like that person to comfort them), or ( if the family member who died was an evil person who scared them when they was alive, it is a demonic spirit looking like that person to terrify them). This is what I think of as a "ghost."

    1. While I don't believe the photograph was created intentionally as a fraud or hoax, I certainly believe that it was passed around afterward fraudulently as a "ghost" photo by persons who knew better, lol. But, you bring up a very valid point when it comes to people seeing what they want to see/believe in photos and videos. The old adage of a picture never lying couldn't be further from the truth when it comes to paranormal investigation in the digital age. Just spending a few minutes on Facebook shows how many people will believe every example of pareidolia, every speck of dust and every ghost app image is irrefutable proof of the paranormal. It's very frustrating, no matter what your belief system.


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