Monday, September 19, 2011

10th Annual Mothman Festival!

On Saturday, I took a day off from work and made my annual pilgrimage to the Mothman Festival in Pt. Pleasant, WV.  Being only 25-30 minutes or so away from Pt. Pleasant, it was a trip I've made often, but there's just something almost magical about the mid-September gathering of paranormal and crypto-enthusiasts!  HPIR chose once again not to set up a booth, so Aaron and I were free to do a little exploring of our own.

Time was limited with the wee one, but we managed to fit in another tour of the historic Lowe Hotel, visit the only Mothman Museum in the world, and explore the newly re-opened TNT area.  We even managed to catch part of the annual Miss Mothman Pageant, which Luke enjoyed, since he could watch the boats go by in the background.  Luke found a little plush Mothman inside an egg that he loved, and Mommy found several books and FATE magazines, being sold none other than Rosemary Guiley herself. Jeff Wamsley autographed my Mothman book, and I once again could die happy, lol.  Dinner at nearby Panchos was super yummy, and Aaron's Mothman Margarita (with a shot champagne and two "glowing red" cherry eyes), was simply awesome.  Of course, we all had to get the mandatory photo with the Mothman statue.

It was another great year, and a ton of interesting people showed up to perhaps catch a glimpse of the elusive Mothman...or to just get their fill of Mothman Pancakes, hehehe.  In years past, and again on my many non-festival trips to Pt. Pleasant, we've hit such hot spots as Harris' Steakhouse, which has the BEST Mothman Burger ever.  Another not-to-be missed attraction is the Pt. Pleasant River Museum, which is packed with history of the Ohio River and Pt. Pleasant area...and perhaps a ghost or two.  Right downtown is also the memorial for the Silver Bridge disaster, and a short walk away is the Pioneer Cemetery.

Websites of Interest:
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