Friday, September 2, 2011

The Investigation "Hangover"

(Theresa's Note:  Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigation is certainly not limited to being a nighttime-only activity; however, due to a variety of factors (which will be discussed in a later blog), many people still do the bulk of their field investigation work at night.  This blog discusses a common occurence that many experience after one of these nighttime investigations.)
It's the morning after an investigation or night of ghost hunting. Your head is pounding, and you are exhausted.  You don't just feel bad--you feel like you've just awakened after a night of heavy partying.  Many investigators experience this morning after effect, which I like to call "The Investigation Hangover."
There are plenty of theories as to what exactly causes this paranormal hangover.  Some believe that this sensation is the by-product of an active haunting.  Entities may pull energy from the investigators themselves in order to assist in manifestation of a variety of forms, leaving the investigator feeling drained and weak.  For whatever reason, this biological energy is more affective than any AC/DC currents we can "provide" to the entity!  There are times that even when not a lot of evidence or personal experiences is obtained during the actual investigation, I can tell we've got some good EVPs/Video by how bad I feel the next morning! 
A lot of people use the white light technique to combat this energy drain with success, but any type of empowerment technique or shielding technique is useful, as long as you BELIEVE its useful.  Some choose to only do a shielding technique before going on site, while others tend to "refresh" their shield whenever necessary throughout the investigation.  Others wait until after the investigation is complete to do a prayer, or other symbolic ritual, asking for protection from being "followed" by anything on site.  There are a variety of techniques to fit any sort of belief system, so try to find one that works for you.
 It is also a great idea to go into any investigation in peak physical and emotional health. If you're tired, stressed, ill, under the influence of any type of drug, etc., then you're naturally less psychically shielded, leaving yourself more open to being drained.  Taking breaks, keeping yourself hydrated and fed, and knowing when to step away from the scene for a few minutes can help alleviate some of this afterward. 
In addition, its always a good idea to regroup away from the site with your team after the investigation.  Go to an all-night coffee shop, or other meeting location, and just talk out what happened that night.  Take the time to calm down...almost like a cool-down experienced by professional athletes.  You're not going to get a restful sleep if you're still pumped up over the investigation!  I also don't suggest starting to go over any evidence until you've had a good sleep and are feeling refreshed. 
However, no matter what your belief system, don't be so quick to rule out biological factors contributing to, and causing this sensation:

Be weary of the adrenaline crash. Those who do this all the time, even if it isn't an "exciting" or active investigation per se, will still get that giddiness and adrenaline rush of being out in the field, waiting and hoping for that Holy Grail experience.  Investigators must be constantly alert and aware of their surroundings.  Senses are being put to use overtime, as well as intuition.  Being in a new location, where even subconsciously you feel there may be hidden dangers, can send your adrenal response into overdrive.

Also, even if you're used to staying up late, most people's internal clocks simply don't agree. Try to get plenty of rest the day before the investigation.  If possible, try to adjust your schedule so that you're operating on the same investigation schedule a few days in a row. 
Most definitely keep yourself WELL hydrated--real "hangovers" result from dehydration, so make sure you take the time to replenish your body's needs throughout the investigation! Depending on how long the investigation, set aside a break time to have a small snack to keep blood sugar well maintained, and if possible, stay away from energy drinks, high levels of caffeine, sugary snacks, etc.  You want to be alert, but not suffer from a sugar or caffeine crash later on.

Don't forget that some of it may be environmental:  Places that have a reputation for being haunted often have issues such as high emf levels, molds/mildews, chemicals, carbon monoxide and infrasound. All of these can produce headaches, and other problems, especially for those who are sensitive to them.
There's no 100% answer why some investigators get these headaches, while others do not.  There's also no 100% positive answer as to what CAUSES the issue.  It could be a combination of the two above-mentioned theories, or it could be something not touched upon here at all!  If you experience these symptoms after an investigation, try some of the tips mentioned, and some of your own...and if you find anything that works great, please pass it along!

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