Thursday, January 24, 2013

Guest Blog--Places to Investigate!

Hey everyone!  Sorry for the late posting of today's blog, but I've been feeling a tad under the weather.  Luckily, today we have a first ever Guest Blogger joining us at Theresa's Haunted History!  This blog comes from Joey Racer, a local paranormal investigator who has worked with several area teams...and who also just happens to be my cousin!  Joey has shared with us some area locations that are ideal locations for investigators, and I've added a few comments below.  Please enjoy!

weston hospital would be good place to try the obanden tracks in weston is good place to try i been there once ive been to alum creek cemetary is good place to try i been there 2 or 3 times capital plaza theater would be good try i think ive been to spring hill cematary in charleston it would be good try again and theres a place in harts about a woman named mary thurman

Theresa's Commentary:

The Weston State Hospital, or Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum as the new owners are calling it (as an homage to one of its earlier monikers) is an excellent place for new investigators, and those who are not necessarily working with a team.  This location is what we call a Pay-to-Play, meaning pay for a night of investigation.  I personally have not investigated this location, but I have been on a history tour of the place, and had visited the grounds several times before the new owners took over.  I am convinced that this place is the real deal in hauntings...but just make sure you do your own historic research first!  Please see the TALA Website for more information on how to book your own investigation at this Civil War era hospital!

Nearby, is the Flinderation Tunnel, also the Brandy Gap Tunnel #2 and its an excellent location that is very accessible to the public...for FREE.  For those traveling a long distance to investigate TALA, the Flinderation Tunnel is a great two-for-one investigation opportunity while in the area.  I've written extensively about this location on my blog.

Alum Creek Cemetery is another great place where most teams have gotten some type of evidence or had some type of experience.  I've also written about this location on the blog, linked to above.  Please be mindful, however, that proper permission should be sought if visiting after dark.  WV Code calls that all cemeteries are actually "closed" from dusk until dawn, and this is located on the property of an active church.

Unfortunately, Capital Plaza Theater in downtown Charleston may be a little harder to investigate.  I looked into the opportunity myself awhile back when I was taking an Historic Preservation class with Billy Joe Peyton, which was held in the building.  Even with his help and influence, we were told that the director over that campus had a strict policy of NO paranormal investigations whatsoever.  But...there is hope!  When the former WVSCU President was essentially overthrown, much of the administrative staff was also replaced, and a new person is now in charge of the building!  For more info on the history and hauntings, however, see the link above.

Spring Hill Cemetery in Charleston is known for its beautiful sculpture and being the final resting place to many of Charleston's most prominent early families.  The most paranormally active spot tends to be the old Pauper's Cemetery section, but I've heard people have experiences throughout, especially in the oldest sections.  

Lastly, the tale of Mamie Thurman is a classic in West Virginia ghostlore.  Mamie was a young woman who was murdered under mysterious circumstances, and her killer was never brought to justice.  Her apparition has been seen many times along 22 Mine Road, just outside of Logan (near Holden), where her body was found.  In addition to her apparition being spotted, 22 Mine Road is a popular legend tripping spot, and on any warm evening, chances are, there are several cars parked along the road in order to test out an old urban legend.  It is said that if you park on this road, Mamie (or sometimes, in other stories, a miner) will pull your car uphill!  Many have parked and felt the unmistakeable pull of their vehicle uphill.  A friend said that when she went, there was a kid on a skateboard also testing this out.   Of course, this is just an illusion known as a gravity hill...or is it?

Thanks again to Joey for taking care of the blogging today!  It really worked out since I was sick today and did NOT feel like doing anything constructive, lol.  However, I've got a very special treat for my readers in the Ashland-Ironton area planned for tomorrow!   Sweet dreams!

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