Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Night Funny-Orb Style

TGIF, right?  It's been a crazy week, so to bring a little humor to your Friday morning, I'm posting a Friday Night Funny...a few hours early.

This photo comes from Nelson Kennedy of St. Louis Ghost Hunters Society and shows a photograph typical of what one may find while investigating a dank, dusty environment.  The added commentary is also, unfortunately, quite common for many "ghost hunters" and those with an armchair interest and a camera.  Not only are there so many photos of bugs, dust, moisture, other airborne particles, etc. being passed off as evidence of the paranormal, but many of those photos are being "explained" some bewildering process where each splotch is confidently given an identity without any scientific or historical background to support the claim.

I'm posting this photo as a light-hearted satire; it is NOT meant to start a huge debate or insult anyone whose belief system includes orbs as indisputable proof of the paranormal.  However, it IS a call for everyone, especially those who are investigators and researchers, to educate yourselves and take into consideration the few scientific facts we DO have in this field.  If you're going to post an opinion under the guise of fact, be prepared to back up your own arguments.  If you can't, please don't throw a temper tantrum when someone questions you.  Having said that, please enjoy today's photo!!

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