Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ashmore Estates Hit by Severe Weather

Ashmore Estates is located in Illinois.  It was built in 1916 on the grounds of the county's Poor House Farm, and housed those down on their luck until 1956.  That year, it was converted into a home for the mentally disabled, operating until 1987.

Since 2006, Scott Kelley has taken care of the property, running a haunted attraction, and allowing public ghost hunts for those interested in the REAL hauntings of the building.  Ashmore Estates has been investigated by Ghost Adventurers, TAPS, and the Booth Brothers for their film, Children of the Grave II.  Now, Scott and Ashmore Estates need YOUR help!

On January 29th, strong winds that ripped through parts of Illinois caused significant damage to Ashmore Estates, ripping off the new roof, destroying several buildings on the property, and knocking down trees.  Luckily, no one was hurt, but immediate action needs to take place in order to further prevent any damage and help the Kelley family raise funds to protect the property.  Reaching out through friends due to their own loss of electricity, the Kelley family had this to say about how you can help:

Here is what they requested: 1. repost that we are selling all the props, costumes, and other haunt paraphernalia asap. 2. Come over any time today, and bring your gloves, mud boots and muscles. We need to move a lot of things very quickly. 3. Bring us cardboard cartons and boxes. “Our grief and shock over these losses is eased by how you, our community of friends and loves ones, are reaching out to us,” they said.

If you are reading this and are able to help or are interested in purchasing props and other items, please reach out to the owners at 217-512-9499 or

Also, a PayPal account is being set up for those too far away to donate any muscle power.  As soon as I can find a link to it that works, I'll update.

Ashmore Homepage

Article on the Damage

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