Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tweet This!

Today's Blog Challenge topic is to write a list of people to follow on Twitter!  Here's my list of the Top 7 most interesting accounts to follow for plenty of updates on paranormal topics.  If you're on Twitter, go give 'em a follow!

1. Theresa's Haunted History of the Tri-State---shameless self-plug here!  This is the account that I use to share updates on this blog, Huntington Paranormal news, and information about our Haunted and Historic Guyandotte Tours.  I also like to share quotes, Netflix recommendations, and re-tweets of awesome articles on a variety of paranormal subjects.  I try to offer a little bit of variety from what you'll find on my FaceBook fan page!

2. Two-Lane Livin' Magazine---this local publication has lots of great information on Appalachian culture and homesteading, but my favorite feature is the haunted history segment by paranormal author, Sherri Brake.

3. Maine Ghost Hunters---a paranormal group out of Maine, obviously.  They post lots of interesting, thought-provoking questions of interest to both investigators and enthusiasts of the paranormal.

4. Para-Civility---an organization devoted to promoting civilized interactions between paranormal groups and debunking the myths behind "paranormal unity."

5. Who Forted?---an online magazine/website sharing some of the weird news going on in the world.  Ghosts, monsters, UFOs, and all sorts of fortean phenomena are discussed in oft-times hilarious and always well written/researched articles.

6. Paranormal SOS---daily compilation of paranormal news stories.  Always a little something for everyone...and several times my blog has made the cut!

7. Loren Coleman---Updates from probably the most well-known contemporary cryptozoologists in the world.

*Craving more paranormal social media?  Check out my list of 11 Top FaceBook Fan Pages!*

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