Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy Anniversary HPIR!

Photo by Melissa Stanley
After taking the weekend off to share another haunted location (the surprisingly popular entry about the ghost of Anna Potts!), we're back to the August Blog Challenge. The challenge for Day 3 is to write about something I am proud of...and there's nothing in the paranormal world that I'm more proud of than being a part of Huntington Paranormal Investigations and Research.

This August, HPIR is celebrating its SEVENTH year together!

Over these past seven years, HPIR has truly grown into much more than a bunch of people with a common interest who get together once in awhile.  We've become friends, we've become family, and we've become a renowned organization known for providing professional paranormal investigations, awesome ghost tours, and community service.

I am proud to have been accepted as a member of HPIR in September 2006 and I am proud of what we've worked so hard to become.  I'm proud of my fellow teammates and their commitment to the field of paranormal research.  I'm even proud to have been given the opportunity to investigate so many interesting places and share their history.  We've got some great things coming up this year and I hope you'll continue to follow us on our journey.

So Happy Anniversary, HPIR!  Here's to the next 7 great years!

*Melissa also blogged about the HPIR anniversary, so go check out the official HPIR Para-Blog!* 

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