Friday, August 2, 2013

The Goal of Theresa's Haunted History

It's Day 2 of the blog challenge and today I have been asked to write about a goal I have and how I plan to get there.  This has been an especially hard challenge for me as a procrastinator.  I have no problem SETTING goals...but follow-up is a little different!  It's been this way my entire life, and it hasn't gotten any easier when it comes to providing fresh, new content on this blog!

It's always been the primary goal of this blog to provide the largest and most accurate collection of haunted places in West Virginia, and so far, I've done a fairly good job, I think.  I get a decent amount of traffic and most of the feedback on specific locations has been very positive.  However, there is always room for improvement!

Opinions, please!
One of the biggest issues I face is simply a lack of motivation.  I have a huge list of locations that I've stumbled across or have been submitted to me, and I lack the motivation to getting around and fully researching and posting them.  It's not that I don't have the TIME in most cases...its just simply a personal hurdle of feeling overwhelmed, overanxious, and under appreciated, lol.  In other words, its the ADHD kicking in.  I can't finish one project because I'm too busy thinking about 6-7 others!

That's partly why I joined this challenge; its a way to stay accountable and a way to get into the habit of daily writing.  This particular blog challenge leaves the weekends free, and I've made a promise to myself, and now to YOU readers, that I will try my best to fill in those weekends with new locations and new articles!  Feel free to help keep me accountable--if you haven't seen me post anything new, or want to suggest I write about something in particular, call me out on FaceBook or Twitter!

The second part of attaining my goal is something I'd really like everyone's input on.  In order to feel more like I'm doing something worthwhile and simply not wasting my time, I've been seriously considering monetizing this blog.  It won't be anything huge...just a few small ads placed at the bottom or in the side-bar.  I think that if I knew that I had the potential to make a few extra dollars by doing something I love, I'd be more inclined to do it more often!  But, since this blog wouldn't be where it is today without the readership and support of all you out there, I wanted to get some honest opinions first.

So...what say you?  Yea or Nay to the ads?

If you have any experience with ads on your blog, feel free to shoot me some advice as well!

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  1. Thanks for participating in the contest Theresa. Could you please leave a link to the list where everyone is posting their blog posts? Thanks!