Friday, March 1, 2013

Fire Your Web Guy

Last Saturday I wrote about the weird body stain at the state capitol that was said to have been caused by the suicide by an employee accused of embezzlement.  And while its rather macabre to write about a dead body's impact on the floor where it laid TWICE within a week, I found this story while researching the other and felt that it HAD to be shared with the world.  I am posting this as a Friday Night Funny, but in reality, this isn't a story of the funny ha-ha nature, but rather...a head-scratching, WTF-type of moment.

Two years ago in Raleigh, North Carolina, a cute little 3 bedroom house came on the market.   The house, located at 3603 Blueberry Drive, was built in 1963 and was being listed for a mere $119,900, almost half of what comparable homes in similar, nearby neighborhoods were going for.

A quick look at the interior photos posted on several real estate sites revealed a possible reason why.

The obvious issue, as seen in the picture, is NOT mentioned ANYWHERE in the literature for the home.  Instead, descriptive phrases such as "investor's dream" and "house needs major work" are used by those trying to find a buyer for the property.

I got curious, Googled the address, and was quite surprised to find that among the real estate listings, and a few blogs talking about the stain and its laughable lack of commentary on what is obviously a MAJOR issue,  there was an OBITUARY listed! Through the information listed in the obituary, I found out that on February 12, 2010 the former owner, Douglas B. Kirkton passed away, and it is presumably his, er, outline shown in the photo.  The house did sell in March 2012, but the picture, which many think was an insensitive decision on the part of realtors, will live on in infamy.  Perhaps next time, whatever firm took care of this sale should ask Jake Palmer for some creative advertising tips!

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