Monday, February 11, 2013

Zombies in Michigan? Montana?

People watching television this evening in Michigan's Upper Peninsula were in for a shock.  Around 8:45pm, a message came over the Emergency Alert System alerting viewers that the bodies of the dead were rising from their graves and attacking the living!

TV6 was one of the stations reporting on this issue, and according to their Facebook page, this alert was the work of hackers, hacking into the EAS. At 4:30pm, another local station, ABC 10, made similar claims.  Also according to their Facebook page, the Michigan Association of Broadcasters and the police are looking into this matter.

However, Michigan wasn't the only state to receive these zombie warnings today.  A similar event happened in Montana as well.  I'll continue to bring you updates as this story develops...but I want to hear YOUR opinion!

Are there any conspiracy theorists out there thinking that this may be the "real deal" that is quickly being hushed up and covered up?  Luckily, I found the Facebook page of a group called the
Upper Michigan (UP) Zombie Survival and Eradication Task Force,  "a community organization dedicated to the preparedness, survival, and elimination of all zombies in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and all throughout the Midwest.  Perhaps they are already on the case!

Anyway, it's the opinion of most people I've seen that this hoax is quite entertaining...but a good point was brought up:  If hackers can take over our emergency alert system (which many are saying happened, as opposed to just the stations being hacked), surely a terrorist with more malicious intentions could do the same?

Montana Article

Check out this YouTube Video to hear the message yourself!

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