Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Castle of the Dead

I LOVE sharing artwork with a supernatural/paranormal theme to it here on Theresa's Haunted History.  Therefore, when I stumbled across this image, I knew it needed to find a home here on my blog.  It's a striking piece of work, complete with full moon, spooky house, and a graveyard full of rising souls.

The name of this piece is Castle of the Dead, and its not exactly what it might look like at first glance.  It isn't a painting or drawing.  It isn't a print of such. It isn't even a digital work of art, per se.  This image is actually a do-it-yourself square diamond painting by the company Pretty Neat Creative!  For about $30, you can buy a kit to make this creation for yourself.  You'll need a little bit of patience, as each 'pixel' of this image is created by gluing a bunch of tiny resin dots to a pattern. 

That seems pretty, um...neat and pretty creative! I'm not a very artistic or crafty person, and even I think that I can have fun with this and make something really spooky and cool to leave on my wall all year long.

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