Thursday, April 5, 2018

Gallipolis Hairy Man: A Bigfoot Throwback Thursday

Gallipolis, Ohio is located directly across the Ohio River from Pt. Pleasant, WV---another area filled with ghosts, cryptozoological creatures, and of course, Mothman!  In early January of 1869, however, it wasn't Pt. Pleasant that was the focus of high strangeness. Instead,  the Gallipolis area was buzzing with reports of a Wild Man, or Hairy Man in the area. Not only had it been sighted by several people, but the beast actually ATTACKED a man riding in a carriage with his daughter.  The story was reported in several newspapers around the country, with the clipping below taken from the 23 January 1869 edition of the Minnesota Weekly Record.  This tale is a staple of early tri-state Bigfoot lore, but was it really a Sasquatch...or perhaps a gorilla as suggested in the title of the article?

(Article also found in the Hillsdale Standard)

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I also found this little blurb from a more local publication. It's from the 14 January 1869 edition of the Gallipolis Journal. It's rather interesting---the brief text mentions that the beast hasn't been seen since January 1st---and at that time, THERE WAS MORE THAN ONE?!


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