Sunday, September 15, 2013

Would You Want to Live Here?

If you've been on Facebook any time in the last few months, chances are you've seen someone post this photo, usually accompanied by the challenge of, "Would YOU live (visit/spend the night/etc.) here?"  If the creep factor didn't bother you, you'd probably weigh the benefits of living that close between two tracks...and decide that no matter how historic or beautifully haunting the little home looks, its not worth it!  But, how much do you REALLY know about the building in this photo?

It probably doesn't surprise you, but this isn't a home that has survived the march of progress to be nestled between two tram tracks...its actually a tram station! WAS.

From what I can gather, I BELIEVE this particular station is the Little Pest Depot, located in Budapest Hungary.  Built in 1887, the depot once serviced the country's horse-drawn tram network along the Zugligeti Road, a main thoroughfare.  The pictures above and below were taken post-1896 when the city installed its first electric railway system.

From WikiPedia
This particular depot serviced the 58 tram, and thus, was known as the 58 Tram Depot.  It was eventually taken out of service in either December of 1976, or early the following January.  Unfortunately, vandals and the elements have taken their toll on this unique building, which was already creepy enough 100 years ago!  Here's a modern look at the old tram stop, with many, many more recent photos from the Zugligeti Reality post on the Merites website:

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  1. nice thanks for the it haunted though?

    1. Thanks! I've yet to hear anyone claim its actually haunted...just creepy!