Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Joe's Older than Dirt Cafe

From, Louisville Halloween
Located on LaGrange Road in the Louisville area of Kentucky, Joe's Older than Dirt Cafe has been serving decades of thirsty patrons in the mood for a cool drink, a hot meal, and a lively conversation.  And, as we know in this field...those things make a perfect setting for a ghost!

Back in 1936, Joe Keal, Jr. had a dream of opening a tavern.  The following year he did just his parents' backyard!  (From census records, it looks like Joe and several siblings remained at home with their parents in Lyndon well into their adult years).  The tavern became an immediate hub of local social activity, and Joe was even known to hitch up the horse and buggy and go fetch visitors straight from the railroad depot nearby and bring them to his establishment.

Joe died in 1966, and although the bar was purchased and put in the very capable hands of Gary and Janet Gish who made the necessary renovations while keeping the bar's awesome ambiance (there's a TREE growing in the middle of it!), it seems like Joe is sticking around, keeping an eye on things.

Over the years, patrons and staff alike have witnessed a myriad of paranormal activity, such as disembodied voices, items being moved around, and the standard electrical disturbances.  But the most compelling reports are of the Man in the Red Plaid Shirt.  This man, described as being an older, taller man, is seen throughout the establishment, including behind the bar where he was seen from the waist up, his bright red plaid shirt leaving a lasting impression on Janet's mind.

This apparition has been seen in other areas as well, including the kitchen, the service alley, and in what is called the "old bar" section.  This area, before renovations, was actually Joe's bedroom while he was alive, and he has been observed walking through walls where doorways once stood.

Today, Joe's Place, as its called by the locals, is still a great place to enjoy a drink while watching the game (ANY game, as the place boasts 20 televisions) or to take the kids for a family-friendly lunch.  Prices are good, service is fair, and the decor cannot be beat.  Throw in a ghost or two and you've got a fun evening out!

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Kentucky Spirits, Undistilled, by Lisa Westmoreland-Doherty


  1. No one calls it "Joe's Place". It's Joe's

    1. Thank you for that information. Since I'm not a local, I'm only going on what I've seen others say in the sources provided. I assume you're a local? Do you think this place is actually haunted, or is it just a rumor?