Sunday, November 25, 2012

Theresa's Top 5 Links for November

I haven't done a Theresa's Top 5 Links in a long time...but I've got a few new sites that I'd like to share with everyone.  It's getting harder and harder to find stuff that I haven't posted about before, but I'm pretty confident that these are new-to-me sites that are well worth a visit!  Please enjoy!

1. Fiona Broome's Lab--this site doesn't have a ton of content, but it does have some interesting articles and experiments for those interested in ghost research.  Fiona is more known for her ghost hunting site, Hollow Hill, but runs a number of different sites, including this one, which is described as being her notes on fringe and extreme paranormal research.

2. West Virginia Urban Legends--this site is just getting its start, but its got some cool information on WV weirdness...and they also have a FB fan page where I've noticed that they've graciously shared a link to Theresa's Haunted History!  I'm keeping an eye on this site; there is a lot of great potential here.

3. Cabell County Doors to the Past--Okay, I'm not sure if this one has been posted or not before, so I guess I lied in my opening paragraph, lol.  But seriously, this is a great site for Cabell County history and I've used it in my research several times.

4. Ghosts on humorous look at ghosts from one of my favorite websites!  May not be appropriate for young children...and may be NSFW!

5. Supernatural Connections--sort of like a paranormal FB...well, MySpace, lol.  Forums, places to share videos, blogs, and photos, and much more.  Kinda slow right now, so come join and connect with me!

Do YOU have any recommend websites or articles for Theresa's Haunted History?  If show, share them below in the comments, or come LIKE Theresa's Haunted History on Facebook!

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