Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Funny-Haunted House Pictures

Halloween might be officially over for the year, but as I've said numerous times...its ALWAYS Halloween season in MY house!  To keep the "spirit" alive, I wanted to post a Friday Night Funnies featuring a collection of the most hilarious Halloween photos I've ever seen.

These photos are candid reaction shots to a particular scare found in the Nightmares Fear Factory of Niagra Falls...a hugely popular haunted house attraction.  The website Funny or Die has posted a collection of the top 30 reactions, as found on the attraction's Flickr page.  Click on the link to see the entire collection, but to get you started, here's MY favorites! 

I love the bravery of the young gentleman, shielding the three ladies he's with, despite what horrors are thrown at him, face first!  Unfortunately, the chick in pink doesn't seem to care, lol:

Here's an example of TRUE friendship:

You know this guy wet himself:

Funny or Die--30 Pictures of People Freaking Out at a Haunted House

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