Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Worst of the Worst!

Hey, readers!  Last week I tried a new type of blog--a Weekly Review of the blog posts that were getting the most attention at Theresa's Haunted History!

I quickly grew bored of this, so this week, I thought I'd try ANOTHER approach!  Welcome to the Worst of the Worst!  These blog entries, while I see nothing wrong with them, (of course, I'm a bit biased since I WROTE them) just haven't gotten the number of pageviews I think they deserve.   Admittedly, there are some ulterior motives as well--I recently read that posts such as this were good for increasing internal blog traffic, lol. If you haven't read these entries though, please take a moment and check out anything that might interest you.  Show these little posts some Holiday Spirit!  Thanks!

1. Ghost FAQs-Certification:  Certification in the paranormal field is a controversial subject.  This post reflects my thoughts on the whole situation, as well as practical tips from which any investigation can benefit.

2. Steel Hollow Caves:  The caves around Spencer, WV are haunted...but why and by whom?

3. McArthur House:  A ghostly child is said to haunt this former undertaker's home-turned antique shop located outside of Harpers Ferry.  Its a complete recipe for spooky story as found in Stephen Brown's book.

4. A Prayer:  When I was young, I found my own unique, and perhaps hilarious, way to deal with the things in my own home that I couldn't understand.

5. Former Ravenswood Theater:  A re-telling of a story found in A Guide to Haunted West Virginia.  This theater is now an office complex, but the tales of a ghostly visitor still abound.

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