Friday, January 26, 2018

Pt. Pleasant's Unlucky 13th Street

This local fright-bite comes from a March 13, 1895 edition of the Pt. Pleasant Weekly Register. The archived article can be found through the Chronicling America website, and tells quite a tale of a very extravagantly accessorized ghost, roaming around 13th Street, in the Third Ward area of Pt. Pleasant, WV. As an added side note to spooky history: Two of the original Mothman witnesses, Roger and Linda Scarberry, lived on 13th Street during the Mothman flap. About a month after seeing the creature in the TNT area, Linda reports that she saw it again on the roof of her home.

From Mothman Wikipedia

A man up in the Third Ward has seen a ghost, and no ordinary ghost either.  It was a woman, of course, and wore silk raiment and razzle-dazzle jewelry. Some time in the morning before dawn during last week an up-town citizen was passing through an alley ostensibly for a near-cut.  When he came near the crossing over Thirteenth Street he saw just a short distance ahead of him, an elegantly dressed woman, her clothing bedecked with silver bangles set with dazzling brilliants.  The apparition would not allow a near approach, as it faded out of sight before he got to it.  

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