Saturday, January 6, 2018

Child Ghosts of Tennessee: Guest Blog #1

Theresa's Note: My call for Guest Bloggers has gotten a much bigger response than I ever could have imagined! I want to personally thank each and every one of my readers who have taken (and are planning to take) the time to submit such wonderful stories for us all to read. Throughout 2018, I'd like to make it a top priority of Theresa's Haunted History to showcase more personal experiences, more varied viewpoints, and of course, more of what YOU want to see! 

Our first Guest Blogger of the year is Kevin G. from Tennessee. Kevin has been gracious enough to share several strange and unusual experiences he and his family encountered at their private residence: 

My story begins in 2000. I had been living in a house with my ex-wife and young son for about six months when we started having strange events happen. One night on my way home from working second shift, I saw my wife driving up our road. Upon seeing me she slammed the brakes and said something's there. When I got her to calm down, she said she was in the basement of our tri-level house when she heard someone kick the door next to her from the outside. She fled. 

At the time I didn't believe her because she was fond of hyperbole. However, a month later I was waiting for my son to awaken from his nap when I heard what I thought were his footsteps coming distinctly down the stairs. I didn't see him peep around the corner so I went looking for him, only to find that he was fast asleep. 

These initial encounters were to become routine after a while. 

The highlights include the time when my oldest was standing in the hallway at 2:30 in the morning talking to someone. When I asked him who he was talking to he replied "these people keep calling my name." His first cousin told me that someone kept pulling the blanket down to her feet. Another time, I felt someone poke me in the side and sit down next to me on the bed. Then I felt them get up and I heard what sounded like someone standing on a loose floorboard in front of me. 

We finally asked the neighbors if anything strange happens at their house. He said no, but the look on his face said there was more to the story. "You are not going to want to hear this, but three children died in your house from smoke inhalation ten years ago." I will say that explained quite a bit. The occurrences were shocking at first, but we never felt anything evil or malevolent. It was more like someone wanting attention. 

My mom didn't believe me when I was telling her about it in my house. Suddenly she got a strange look on her face and said someone just put their hand on her shoulder and breathed on her neck. My response was, "told you"! 

I always felt like the ghosts liked the fact that my house was full of kids at all times. I was the last one in the house the day we moved and I felt a heaviness in the air. Like an incredible sadness.

Awesome story, Kevin! Thank you again for sharing it with us. I'm always looking for new contributions, so if anyone is interested, please see my blog, Looking for Guest Bloggers, for more information. 

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