Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Another FREE Online Parapsychology Course!

Once again, I am taking advantage of the awesome FREE online parapsychology courses offered in conjunction with the AZIRE Academy and the Parapsychology Foundation. This year's course, which is available through the WizIQ platform, is titled: Parapsychology: Research and Investigation (ParaMOOC2018).

The live class sessions started on January 22nd and opened with a wonderful overview of the program and how to use the WizIQ platform and additional resources. This live presentation, complete with a very active live chat, was presented by Dr. Nancy Zingrone and Dr. Carlos Alvarado.

Today, another live presentation was given by Robert McLuhan concerning a wonderful resource---The Psi Encyclopedia. The Psi Encyclopedia began in 2014 as an accurate and non-biased collection of articles and data concerning psychic research/parapsychology. It is maintained by the Society for Psychical Research and now boasts over 200 articles. There's even some information on poltergeists, ghosts, and hauntings that will be of interest to most readers here!

The next live lecture isn't until Thursday, and if you're interested in taking part, there is plenty of time to still join! All the live lectures are recorded, and the recordings are usually available within a few hours of the end of the live session. The organizers of this course also provide downloadable Powerpoint presentations to accompany the lectures, as well as additional readings and resources.  Recorded talks from previous courses are also available to watch at any time.

Needless to say, I am once again stoked to have this information available for free! There's a wonderful lineup of guest presenters and topics coming up within the next several weeks and I'll try to share as much information as I can, both here and over at Theresa's Haunted History Facebook. I'm also supplementing my studies with some reading from my personal library AND plenty of YouTube videos/lectures. I'll try to share some of those as well, too. Stay spooky ya'll...and come join me on this journey of learning!

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