Monday, July 6, 2015

The Day I Walked Through a Ghost

The best photo I could find of the hallway, lol. 
Inspired by several things I've ran across on Facebook, I've decided its finally time to start adding more of my personal experiences on here! I think its important that the regular readers of this blog get a better sense of who I am and the things I've experienced that have shaped my views and involvement in paranormal research and investigation.  I think its also important to document my personal experiences and share those in hopes that others who have experienced the same or similar things can have something to relate to and know that they aren't alone. Documenting experiences, even if they aren't something that can ideally be 'investigated', is extremely important in paranormal research as it helps provide clues to patterns, common types of activity, etc. Please note that I don't necessarily claim that any of these experiences are 100% paranormal---many are just things that are kinda spooky and strange.  Some are just things that as hard as I've tried, I cannot find a natural explanation that perfectly describes their circumstance---such as this first tale of the time I walked through a ghost!

When I was ten years old, my mom got remarried and we moved from Hurricane into a house in Winfield. We were only the second owners of the fairly modern home.  It had been built in 1976 as part of a subdivision on former farmland by my now ex-stepfather's parents.  Unfortunately, his father had passed away in the backyard of a heart attack less than ten years after the home was built.

We moved into the home in the early 90s and it was pretty immediate that something was really, really off about that house.  Over the years, the intensity and atmosphere of whatever was happening in regards to paranormal activity would change, but the one constant over the years was our hallway walker.  No one who spent any amount of time sitting in our family room was excluded from seeing our hallway walker. Every so often, the shadowy form of a very large man could be seen just walking past the family room, down the hall.  He would always be headed in the same direction, walking from the bedrooms toward the formal living room. From the size and shape, we assumed that this man was the former owner of the home, and while this strange shadowy figure could be seen at just about any time, he was most often cited from early afternoon to about 10pm.

One afternoon I was home alone and was rushing to get out the door.  I can't remember if I was leaving for class or for work, but I was definitely in a hurry and fairly preoccupied as I rushed down the hall, deep in thought, with my head down.  Near the end of the hall, I caught what felt like a solid object standing in front of me through my peripheral vision.  My first thought was that my mom had come home, was standing in the hall, and I was about to barrel right into her.  As a natural response, I threw up my hands to brace for impact, letting out a little yelp. It was all I could do, as I was so close to the object that a crash was inevitable.  But, as I made contact with whatever was in front of me, I realized that it was not my mom, nor was it anyone or anything solid.

I have a hard time putting into words exactly what it felt like as I crashed into our resident ghost, lol.  The closest I can come is that it felt like electrified plasma?  As I hit the mass in front of me, it didn't feel solid, but it didn't feel NOT solid either, almost like walking through a very thick mist. There was some resistance, but not anything that was strong enough to slow me down.  It was cold, but not bone-chillingly so.  It wasn't 'wet,' but did seem to have somewhat of a dampness or a misty quality.  It wasn't painful, but it felt a little like a very low voltage charge---kinda prickly all over. I didn't see any apparition, but around me, for the split second the event took place, it just looked darker, almost shady.

As I came out the other side, I immediately had the distinct impression that I had just crashed through the hallway walker.  I apologized profusely to the open-air and quickly left the house, chalking this event up to just another in a long, long list of strange stuff that went on in that house.  I never walked through anyone after that, but the hallway walker is still there, making his daily trips down the hall, passed the living room.  Over the years, we've seen him with less frequency, but he has a tendency of popping up when you least expect it!

So, what about you?  Have you ever experienced walking through, or somehow else physically interacting with a ghost or spirit?  If so, what did it feel like?  Please share your experiences over on my Facebook page.

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