Thursday, April 11, 2013

Headless Horseman In Winfield

 I've completed the full blog post for this location. Check it out at:
Hey everyone!  Just wanted to drop a quick note to those looking for information on the Bowyer House in Winfield, WV, featured this evening on Haunted Collector.  I've noticed from my stats that similar searches have pointed many in the direction of my humble blog.

Just so you know...I am working on a VERY large blog about this location, as we speak, lol.

I missed the episode tonight, and didn't even know until a little while ago that John Zaffis and crew were literally in my backyard...seriously, I live on the original Bowyer property, lol.

Fortunately, while I've lived here in Winfield for nearly 20 years and never once heard about this house being haunted, I have been quite interested in it from an historical standpoint, and have compiled some history on the family and the Shady Dell home.  Right now, I'm waiting until I can catch the show or get some more information on the alleged hauntings to complete the blog.

I will update on my FaceBook and Twitter pages when the entry is complete.  Thanks for your patience, and please feel free to check out some of my other great featured locations throughout West Virginia and beyond!


Above photo from Reel-Scout


  1. Shame on you...the babies' tombstone you sat on/played on are those of my deceased aunts and uncle. They were my father's siblings. All were still born. Reading you comment broke my heart a bit.

    1. I was ten years old, and trust me, I do regret that. But, that was a start of a deep love and respect for history, especially cemetery and tombstone research. It wasn't done to be cruel in any way, but I do apologize. Thank you for publicly shaming me (on the wrong blog post, at that) instead of sending me a personal message. I do, wonder, however...why you feel that these were YOUR family? There were many babies in the cemetery and I can't remember which ones we were near....