Sunday, September 16, 2018

Valley Park's Fairy Door Trail

A little fairy magic can be found in (what I would have previously thought to have been) an unlikely place!  Dozens of beautifully decorated little fairy doors can be found sprinkled throughout the trees lining the back walking trail of Hurricane's Valley Park.  Valley Park, which is normally known for being home to Waves of Fun wave pool, is a great little spot for trail walking, and this added dose of whimsy is a wonderful new improvement.

The idea of the fairy doors came to CVB's Information and Events Specialist, Dusty Hurly, after she had seen similar fairy door trails dotting the Irish countryside during her family's trips abroad.  In order to make the idea a reality, the Bear Wood Company out of Hurricane, constructed the doors, which were then distributed to local artists of all ages to decorate.

On Thursday, September 13, I decided to take my morning walk at Valley Park in order to seek out this peek into the fairy realm.  I was quite pleased to see the sheer number of fairy doors gracing the trees along the path.  I was also quite pleased to see how beautiful the little doors were!  All those who participated in the project so far (the doors had to be submitted by July 25, 2018) really went all out to create a little wonderland to walk through.  As someone whose back issues make walking even the simplest trails difficult, the excitement of what little doors would be around the next corner definitely kept me motivated and kept my mind off the pain, lol.

And...the project isn't going to stop at the Valley Park trail!  Fairy doors will also be installed around town at various small businesses!  I'll have to plan another outing to track down THOSE doors, which I will be sure to share. 

Information on the Fairy Doors is from the article, Initiative aims to add magic to Valley Park, by Anya Wakefield for the Herald-Dispatch (20 July 2018).

You can also see my full photo album of the photos I took of the Fairy Doors HERE.  Stay magical, everyone!

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