Sunday, February 4, 2018

Links I Love: February 2018

It's February, a month for love! In honor of Valentine's Day, this month I'll be sharing a lot of love-related stuff---including this list of links I love! Go show these sites some of YOUR love and check 'em out!

1. Chronicling America---I have been obsessed lately with Chronicling America's FREE newspaper archive, which is a component of the Library of Congress' online database! Although I wrote about this site some time ago in my Newspaper Research blog, I've only just now taken the time to really start going through it. I've found so many wonderful 'ghost' stories and of course, many articles of note concerning historical events related to famous haunted locations. In the coming months, look for more blogs featuring research gleaned from this site.

2. My WV Home---This is another site that I've shared before, but love so much I wanted to share it again! If you're looking for information and/or photographs from West Virginia's past, especially from the Charleston area, then this is your go-to spot.

3. WV Heritage, History, and Memories Facebook---This is a fairly new Facebook group, but already I have 'LIKED' so many of the historic images that are posted here! There's a great geographical variety of content and the owner posts very regularly.

4. WVGhosts---WV Ghosts is a staple in the paranormal history and culture of West Virginia. For years, owner J. Moore has been collecting and archiving the ghost stories that make up WV's haunted history.

5. Ghost Blog UK---I've recently joined the forum over at Ghost Blog UK, and while its in its earlier stages, there's lot of interesting information and some great networking. I try to check it out at least once a week, and contribute as often as possible.

6. Find a Grave---In most cases, to have a ghost you must have a death. Find-a-Grave is a great resource for finding information on the deceased. And, its a great resource for directions and other information to cemeteries that may have a haunted reputation.

7. Southern Spirit Guide---The Southern Spirit Guide is another site that I have often talked about on this blog and my Facebook page. It's a wonderful collection of haunted locations from throughout the southern United States.

8. Hayley is a Ghost---This blog is filled with all kinds of great advice on paranormal investigating and related topics. Well-written, well-researched, and entertaining to read, Hayley is a Ghost is one of my favorite blogs for information on the paranormal.

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