Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Occult Books

Happy National Occult Day!  I'm not sure where this celebration originated from or even why it is celebrated, but its a great excuse to once again share my love of reading with you all!

 Today's blog is just a short list of some of the FREE (yes, FREE) ebooks that are available on occult subjects.  The world of the occult is a huge one, encompassing many different ideas, but I've chosen to narrow down these literary choices to ones that specifically use the word 'occult' in the title.

These books are all now in the public domain (written in the late 1800s through early 1900s), so the FREE price point should remain constant.  The links below will take you to the Amazon website where you can easily download them for your Kindle.  However, if you do not own a Kindle device or a way to read Kindle books, all of the selections can be found for free on other websites as well, including Project Gutenberg, where they are available in a variety of formats to read on your PC, laptop, tablet, e-reader or phone.

Happy reading...and Happy National Occult Day!

1. An Outline of Occult Science by Rudolph Steiner.  This is a look at the psychic anatomy of man, and covers topics such as reincarnation, the transition from life to death, and the relationship between sleeping and waking consciousness.

2. Clairvoyance and Occult Powers by William Walker Atkinson.  Written under the pen name of Swami Panchadasi in 1916, this book contains 20 lessons on topics such as astral travel, psychic healing, and crystal gazing.

3. Studies in Occultism by H.P. Blavatsky. Topics covered include black magic in science, hypnotism, and noetics.

4. Occult Chemistry by C.W. Leadbeater.  This book proposes that the structure of the chemical elements can be assessed through clairvoyant observation with the microscopic vision of the third eye.

5. Mystic London; or Phases of Occult Life in Metropolis by Charles Davies is a collection of articles about late 19th century Spiritualism in London.  It defends the practice and beliefs of Spiritualism, arguing that they can co-exist peacefully with the beliefs and ideals of Christianity.

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