Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Another Strange Dream

Earlier this month I posted a really weird dream I had that ended with thousands of jellyfish raining down from the sky! The other night, I had another weird dream where stuff was falling from the sky.  This time, it was a little scarier.

I was staying at this place that looked like maybe a factory of some sort.  It had warehouse facilities, and there was a train track that went through the grounds.  I was sitting around a campfire in a small grassy area with a bunch of other people when I looked up and saw a shooting star!  I was just thinking, "oh, how pretty!" when I saw another one...and another one!

What had turned into one shooting star was now a full-blown meteor shower, but I noticed that burning debris was actually starting to fall from the sky.  I reached out and caught a piece that was wafting down and was shocked to see that it was a little plastic tag...the kind that hold the price tag on clothes at the store.  Then, the debris started getting bigger, and was landing on the ground still in flames, so I ran under what looked like a really long carport with the others.

As pieces of burning debris started falling more and more, we saw that the fall was largely made up of intact plastic baby bottles, and other large plastic things that should have been melted.  Then, off in the distance, we saw a big explosion that lit the sky up as bright as day...a brightness that didn't go away.

I remember bracing myself for the blast wave, which came but did no damage to the facility where I was staying.  After that, the falling debris stopped and everything was dead still.  The area still had electricity and no one was hurt...yet the former darkness of night was still as bright as a sunny afternoon.  At that point, I went into survival mode.

I knew I needed to get out of the city area and luckily, I had my car with me.  I went to get my car and was planning out a map to the nearest grocery store to stock up on supplies.  At that point, my point of view in the dream started to get wonky.  I kept switching back and forth between a first person point of view for different characters and a third person point of view watching the action from above.

Several people decided to go with me, including some friends and we piled in the car.  The last thing I remember before waking up was looking for supplies in my glove box and giving a man who chose to stay put a knife/multi-tool that I found in there.

The first dream I mentioned was pretty random, but I think I know the stimulus behind this second dream.  Several days ago, I was THRILLED to catch a glimpse of the meteor that streaked over Southern, WV. After my excited report of the incident on Facebook, I saw where many others had heard the sonic boom from the event, a few had seen it, and it was possibly the same meteorite that landed shortly thereafter in Tennessee. As I was reading and researching the other reports, I read an article that an upcoming meteor shower on May 23rd had the possibility to become a meteor STORM.

This alarmed me, because one of my greatest fears is being wiped out by a meteorite hit. In fact, in another dream several months back, I dreamed that I was just watching a beautiful full moon one night when a meteorite SMASHED into it, causing the upper part to start crumbling and falling into our atmosphere.  For months, I couldn't look at the full moon without being terrified that my vision was going to come true.

I've always had really weird, vivid apocalyptic dreams, so I've signed up with the National Dream Center to help me log them and keep track.  Plus, if one of these things does come true on some level, I can prove I predicted it, hehe!

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