Monday, May 5, 2014

A Weird Dream with a Fortean Twist

Today's blog is a little different than what I normally post.  Today, I'm going to share some details about a dream I had last night, and offer anyone who is brave enough to try to interpret it down in the comments below!  It does have a Fortean phenomena thrown in, making it especially strange, even for me.  I look forward to any theories anyone may have!

So, in my dream I am dating this older guy who is some type of famous movie producer/director.  One night we're just hanging out in his car in the parking lot of a strip mall.  A really nice, fancy, red sports car pulls up next to us and before it stops, my boyfriend tells me that its some guy he knows.  This man is a famous basketball player in the NBA and apparently begs my boyfriend for a role in one of his movies every time he sees him.

Sure enough, he gets out of his car and comes over to talk to us, hinting at first, then flat out asking for a role in an upcoming film.  He even offers as a bargaining ploy that if he is given a role in the film, he'll sign up for one of my art classes (I guess I'm an art teacher in this world, lol). While my boyfriend is trying to find a way to tactfully say no, I tell the guy that I teach classes every day and it makes no difference to me whether he's there or not, but if he really wants to "play ball" (apparently I'm also really good at really bad puns in my dreams) I'll trade him a role in the film if he lets ME play in an NBA game.

This guy is totally speechless at my request and tries to tell me that he has no control over something like that.  I tell him he'll find a way to work it out, and then we all decide to drive down the road somewhere, lol.  However, there is a train track that runs right down the center of the strip mall parking lot and around the edge of it and right then, a train starts coming through.  I remember telling my boyfriend that I must have died in a past life from a train accident because I was terrified of trains.  At one point, we're so close to the track in our car that I'm afraid the train is going to hit us.  The train goes by, but right behind it, there is a very small train, with only two cars, separate from the normal train...and guess who is in it?  Our basketball player!  He was taking his own personal train vehicle to wherever we were going to meet up.

We decide the best route is to simply follow him, and drive directly on the train tracks, which takes us under this tunnel that leads to a draw bridge.  There's an issue with the bridge, so everyone on the train has to get out and wait in this weird little built-in train station within the tunnel, including us, since we followed the track and are now stuck. There's some seating in the form of restaurant booths on one side, then what looks like stadium bleachers on the other.  I opted to go sit and wait at the top of the bleachers.

It turns out that the bridge cannot be fixed, so we all have to be airlifted out.  Everyone there was taken to a state park campground. Waiting for me there was my real-life son and somewhere along the way, my boyfriend reverted back to my real life boyfriend, lol.  We're hanging out at this park, which looks eerily like my backyard with some cabins in it when I get bored and approach some kids who are playing some kind of game.  One kid throws a ball or something up in the air, and right after it comes down, this weird stuff starts falling from the sky.  I thought this kid was playing some kind of joke...and then I thought it must be something first, the objects looked like leaves and flower petals.  But, I noticed the clouds had a weird pinkish color to them and the stuff raining out of them was NOT flower petals.

It was raining jellyfish!  Lots and lots of jellyfish! Oh, and a few mushrooms thrown in for good measure.  I'm literally covered in jellyfish and they're all in my hair.  I'm afraid they're going to sting me, so I rush into the main cabin area where others are seeking safety from the rain.  My boyfriend is in there and tries to help me brush the jellyfish out of my hair, and they fall into a big pile.  As I'm staring at this huge pile of jellyfish and mushrooms that just fell out of my hair and are still raining down outside, my first thought is that we have to document it!  I grab my phone so I can take some pictures, but I can't get it to work.  The phone looks like its broken, but then I realized that it wasn't my phone.  I start looking for my phone, but can't find it anywhere, nor can I find the owner of the one I'm holding...and that's when I woke up and it was all over.

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