Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Brian, the Aftermath

Apparently Rhode Island doesn't have the same mental hygiene laws that West Virginia does!

After posting what is being described as a suicide note/goodbye letter to his wife and daughters on FaceBook Sunday night, the former TAPS member and star of Ghost Hunters went missing...sparking a manhunt that not only involved family and friends, but local law enforcement and ghost hunters/paranormal enthusiasts over the country.

Luckily, Brian was found safe and sound Monday evening, and the Twitter Tweets from wife, Michelle, along with Chip Coffey and Jason Hawes all reported that he was on his way to receive treatment.  Yesterday, Brian was apparently released from a local medical facility, and put back on his medication for bipolar disorder.  Here, in his own words, as posted on his FB account is a letter to his fans, family and friends:

"Ok everyone, I am safe. I wanted to thank everyone that was concerned for me. I am sorry I posted it here on Facebook, but I was so out of it, I didn't know what to do or where to go. I know I still have tons of friends out there, and couldn't realize it at the time. I should have never done this, but no it was not a hoax. I was serious at the time. Please do not bash Michelle: She is the mother of my children and I am still very much in love with her and always will be even though I ruined that relationship. This was my fault I was in this situation and didn't know what to do. Thank you to all my friends that posted on here and web wide looking for me, and to all my personal friends, I will be calling you tomorrow or the next day to talk to you all. Michelle, I will be calling you tomorrow. I miss you!! I am out of the hospital and back on my medications that I needed for my bi-polar condition. As for all the assholes that bashed me, YOU DON"T KNOW ME, OR MY SITUATION. There is always more than one side of the story. REMEMBER THAT!!! Again thank you and I was deeply touched by everyone who searched, posted, and hunted for me. Especially a certain couple of people who I never thought would look for me. Eric Cadorette you have no clue what you did for me today. Best bros forever man!! (sounds corny, but I don't give a shit!! "

Theresa's Haunted History of the Tri-State continues to wish Brian the best.  As someone personally dealing with a bipolar diagnosis myself, I understand to agree how hopeless things can feel...and how important it is to stay on prescribed medications despite periods of feeling like nothing is wrong.  However, I can't help but feel a LITTLE angry at the situation.  Police resources were called upon, that perhaps could have been better spent elsewhere and a person who is obviously in need of help was only held for less than 48 hours.  So many people came together to share information and spread prayers and well-wishes that it makes me feel that if we as a paranormal community could come together over other issues, there isn't anything we can't accomplish! 

Addendum, because some people are CLEARLY missing the message of this post:

In no way, shape or form, have I ever intended, or blatantly said, that I think it was a waste of time for people to look for this individual and to make sure he gets the help he needs.  The only thing I said was that perhaps police resources could possibly have been put to better use--and I say that because I know that if it were me personally, I would feel terrible knowing that my actions had caused precious time away from helping someone who was in a worse situation than myself.  I don't pretend to know this individual personally, and I sure as heck cannot begin to fully understand his actions and the issues behind them. 

I wish him nothing but the best, but I am disappointed overall with how the situation was handled.  I don't truly think all was done in the aftermath to ensure that he WILL receive the medical and psychiatric support needed to combat this type of diagnosis, but hopefully the outpouring of love and concern by those who have never met him will help show him that there are people who care and who will be there during the darkest times.

I also think its perfectly healthy from a psychological standpoint to be angry when someone engages in this type of behavior.  Survivors of loved ones lost to suicide always go through an angry phase, as this act is seen as selfish.  Fortunately, most realize that people who make claims like Brian did, or who actually go through with self-harming acts are NOT in their right minds and that there is no selfish intent.  However, speaking from personal experience, I do know its also selfish to go off medications or deny myself treatment when its needed....I have lived this personally, so those out there judging me but worshipping Brian like an idol are a bunch of hypocrites.  This is very common with bipolar...feeling like you're fine, you don't need meds, then bam.  I can only hope that this experience is enough of an eye opener for Brian to recognize this as well and take more responsibility in monitoring his situation.  Again, this is all going on what he himself has publicly said.

Please, if you don't agree with me, at least be intelligent enough to READ and comprehend before telling me what a terrible person I am. 

Once again, if you are feeling like you need help, or just someone to talk to:
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

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