Sunday, May 13, 2012

Getting to Know HPIR, Volume III

Welcome to the third installment of the Getting to Know HPIR series!  In this volume, I've interviewed HPIR's "founding father," Dustin Stanley.  I've purposefully tried to really pick Dustin's brain on this subject, and ask some questions that aren't normally asked in these types of interviews. I would like to thank him for answering my questions thoughtfully and honestly!  Please enjoy!

As the husband of the HPIR president and founder (Melissa Stanley), what was your first reaction when she told you her plans of starting a paranormal group?
When she first told me about wanting to join another group in the Huntington area, I was interested in the whole “ghost hunting” aspect. After searching for a group to join, we decided to start our own.
Describe your official title and describe your role within the group.
Co-founder, lead investigator, tech department

What special skills/education do you believe you bring to the field?
I like to find solutions to situations or problems. I have a safety technology BS degree at Marshall and within a year I will also have a BS in Civil Engineering. So I think outside the box to prove or replicate fake evidence in order to find real definitive answers to the existence of paranormal activity.

You have the reputation of being the group's most skeptical member. Have you ever had an experience, on or off an investigation that you couldn't explain or that made you question your beliefs?
Honestly no, not that I know of. One time in my life I thought that there was a shadow person in my house, but it could have been shadows off of the television or lights from the busy road that I grew up on.

What is your proudest "debunking" moment?
Replicating a certain piece of evidence numerous times in order to prove that it is not paranormal, just an uneven surface.

What is it like being one of only a few men on the team?
It is interesting at times. A lot of conversations that I do not really what to know about. But all in all its like one big happy family.

Do you feel like the paranormal field as a whole is dominated by women, or headed in that direction?
I believe that there are good men and women in this field. It will never be totally dominated by one sex or the other.

What is your favorite piece of equipment currently being used in the field?
My favorite piece of evidence would have to be a thermal camera.

What do you think needs to happen in order for the paranormal field to advance? How can investigation groups, such as HPIR, contribute in a significant way?
In order for paranormal field to advance it will have to start with the paranormal groups. If you really are interested in this field, then quit trying to be famous and quit trying to be on TV. I have heard so many groups say that they want to be the next TAPS or Paranormal State, or even the next Ghost Adventurers. If you want to be on TV or have your own show then you are in the wrong field. HPIR does not want their own show; we only want to find the truth. That is why I believe that we have a fantastic group of investigators and that is also why we have lasted as long as we have. I believe that HPIR can contribute to the paranormal field by setting the bar, not just evidence but with research as well.

To learn more about Dustin, please see his HPIR Profile!

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