Friday, May 11, 2012

Best FREE Kindle Downloads

Paranormal research can get expensive!  Therefore, I thought it might be a good idea to list some of my favorite paranormal non-fiction titles that are consistently available for free download through Amazon.  I was resistant at first to eBooks, but after receiving a Kindle for Christmas and finding plenty of gems among the garbage, I've become a convert.  Please enjoy this short list I've put together of some of my personal favorite ebooks that are available absolutely FREE!  I'm starting off small, but will add more later on.  This is a pretty broad sampling to start off, so hopefully there will be something of interest to all!

1. Historic Ghosts and Ghost Hunters is a look at some early paranormal cases that are still discussed today.  Originally written in 1908, this book actually takes on a surprisingly skeptical point of view and is a great source of information from the 19th century and before.

2. The Flying Saucers are Real by Donald Keyhoe is an early look at the UFO phenomenon from quite the reputable source.  I've often seen this work quoted or cited in recent works on ufology, so this is a great place to being a study into the subject.

3. The Book of Werewolves is a collection of werewolf lore and legend.  It's actually quite interesting and well written, despite some minor typos in this particular translation.

4. The Book of the Damned--Charles Fort was a collector of strange stories, what we now would call Fortean phenomena!  This is just one of his works, now available for FREE!

5. Ghost Hunting Diary Volume I tells the story of how one woman got involved in the paranormal world.  There are other volumes available for a small price, but this first volume is completely free.

On another note, the Kindle skin pictured above comes in blue or black.  I REALLY, REALLY want this!

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