Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dr. Grimes' Part 3: Carla's Story?

  We have another update in the Dr. Grimes' saga:

Up until just recently, I had only really concentrated on Lavina, as she was the main suspected entity and there was so much controversy surrounding her death.  However, I've recently also started exploring some other aspects of the original history we were told.  One such example is the story of a baby girl drowning in the bathtub at the house.  We were originally told that Dr. Grimes had spoken to a woman who lived nearby who told him the story of a mother who had left her baby in the bathtub, and returned to find the infant dead.  She took the infant across the street to a doctor's office, but it was too late.

We weren't sure of an exact year, but thought it happened in the 60s.  Luckily, a neighbor who witnessed the event was found, and said this event happened in 1955.  Going on just that alone, I searched individual death certificates through the WV State Archives website until I found one that matched the description.

Ten month old Carla Dianna Taylor drowned at 1121 20th Street in May of 1955.  A newspaper article confirmed the story, and provided additional details that matched the original story.  However, the main concern was the address...1121 is next door to Dr. Grimes' office, but its too big of a coincidence not to take note!

I have transcribed the newspaper article for future researchers through GenDisasters, and will post a link to it below.  Now, comes the daunting task of trying to find out if there is any substance to the alleged newspaper article about a man named John hanging himself at the location!

Article on Drowning
Lavina's Story

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  1. Where did you copy and paste this from?

    1. Unlike many sites out there dealing with haunted locations, Theresa's Haunted History does not copy and paste information. The information for this entry was researched through personal testimony, the West Virginia State Archives death certificates index, and microfiche research at the Cabell County Library.

      The newspaper article in question has been transcribed by myself and submitted to the GenDisasters site for free use by other researchers. A link to such is included in the post.

      Unfortunately, being one of the few people to publish in-depth primary document research online, my work is often subjected to copyright infringement, and my research is often passed off as someone else's work.

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