Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Top 5 Links of the Day (3)

Happy November!  I hope everyone had an excellent Halloween holiday, filled with all sorts of spooky goodness.  I'm starting off the month with another installment of my favorite links for all things ghosty.  Enjoy!

1.  This is a must-have if you do any type of historical research.  I cannot count the times this useful, and handy service has saved me hours of research at the local archives or library.  Well worth the modest monthly fee!

2. Paranormal News  A great source of paranormal topics in the news.  This is a one-stop shop for keeping up with current events that relate to ghosts, UFOs, cryptids, etc.

3. Paranormal Phenomenon from  Lots of good links and pictures!  You can find just about any subject here, lol...and then some.

4. Phantoms and Monsters  GREAT blog full of great articles...and updated OFTEN!

5. MUFON  The Mutual UFO Network.  If you want to report a UFO sighting, or are just interesting in learning about them, this should be the first stop!

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