Friday, June 2, 2017

The Haunted Chair: A Friday Funny

What a steal! If you buy a haunted object on eBay or Craigslist, chances are, you're going to drop a pretty penny for it. But here we have a haunted object that isn't only spooky, but functional as well (not like those silly haunted dolls that do nothing but sit on a shelf and creep people out)!

Anyway, when I saw this photo on a couple of different Facebook pages, I was quite bemused. You see, my mom has her very own haunted chair. 

My mom is a fickle decorator when it comes to household furniture, and every few years, she likes to change things up a bit. So, when my boyfriend's uncle was selling a like-new couch, chair, and love seat set, complete with accent pillows, for next to nothing, she jumped at the opportunity. However, soon after the new furniture set was moved into the living room, we began seeing something strange. If you happened to walk quickly into the room and glance at the chair, it looked like there was an elderly man sitting in it with his legs crossed. From time to time, we'd even catch a glimpse of him holding onto the arm rest as he raised himself up out of the chair. 

When asked where the furniture came from, my boyfriend's uncle told us that he had bought it from a nursing home. His buddy at the nursing home was selling the set, which was used in a small TV room for the residents, because no one ever sat in it. I think we discovered WHY no one would sit in the chair!  The elderly ghost man, however, has made himself right at home in mom's house. He doesn't bother us, and seems to fit right in with the other resident ghosts. 

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