Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Ghostly Graduation Gifts

Both my nephew and my step-nephew will be graduating high school at the end of this month. As they are getting ready to start this new phase in life, I'm left wondering what sort of spooky and totally awesome gift would be appropriate for such an occasion. While cash is still the safest and most practical gift for any grad, if you have a graduate in your life who enjoys the creepy side of things....consider one of these options as a unique alternative or as simply a supplement to the boring ol' money standby.

1. A Book of College Ghost Stories: Is the college that your high school graduate is going to in the Fall haunted? (Or, is the college that your college graduate is leaving haunted?) Why don't you see if there is a book specifically dedicated to those hauntings, or if the school is mentioned in a compendium of ghost tales? Here are two general examples:  

Haunted Colleges and Universities, by Tom Ogden
Haunted Halls of Ivy, by Daniel Barefoot

2. A Haunted Trip: Besides money, the gift of travel is another popular option for graduates. Get creative, and give it a spooky spin! You can give your grad tickets to a public ghost hunt at one of the popular pay-to-play locations (such as Waverly Hills, WV State Penitentiary, TALA), book them a couple of nights' stay in a haunted hotel, or just send them to a location know for its hauntings, pointing out all the haunted attractions, tours, restaurants and hotels in the area. Another cool idea is a ghostly road trip! Again, point out all the spooky spots along the way to eat, stay, and play.

3. A Psychic Reading:  Your graduate is about to embark on a crossroads in his/her life. If they are feeling a little overwhelmed or unsure of the direction they should take, they might enjoy a psychic reading! Check your local listings and ask around for recommendations. You can go with a general psychic reading, or choose someone who specializes in palm reading or tarot.

4. Spooky Dorm Furnishings: If your graduate is moving into his/her first apartment or staying in a dorm for the first time, help them decorate it with spooky style and freaky functionality! Etsy is a great source of different home goods relating to various paranormal themes. Here are a few of my favorites!

Protect furniture with these MugRug coasters from SewSweetSparrow

Snuggly fleece blanket from micmo

5. Spooky School Supplies: Study in spooky style! Carry your books around in a ghostly backpack (okay, so its really the SnapChat logo, but that makes it even more relevant right? LOL) or protect your tablet with with what so many fear is a demonic portal to Hell---can you think of a better security measure against stolen property??

From Wanelo

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