Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Spooky Documentaries

We're well on our way to Halloween, and to get you in a spooky mood, I thought I'd share some of the paranormal-related documentaries that I've been enjoying lately! I actually haven't gotten around to too many documentaries this month since what little free time I do have is filled with cramming in as many Halloween movies as I can possibly watch, but a few little educational gems have stood out as recommend watching. Have fun and let me know if you're watching anything of interest this month!

1. Haunted History of Halloween---this is my absolute favorite Halloween documentary. Produced by the History Channel, it covers quite a bit of the history, customs, and folklore of my favorite holiday. I usually end up watching this several times in October, lol. It's available on YouTube, so you can watch it, too!

2. Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie---I am taking a Paranormal Phenomenon class at Ohio University Southern campus, under the direction of Todd Martin. This video, which chronicles the trials and triumphs of two Bigfoot researchers from Portsmouth, Ohio, was recommended as part of the course work. I found it a bit depressing and the title definitely gets it right; this is NOT your typical Bigfoot movie!

3. The Nightmare---This one is available on Netflix streaming and focuses on a group of people who all suffer from sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis, with or without the accompanying hypnagogia is one of the most terrifying things I have ever been through, so I applaud any film that attempts to get the information about this strange affliction out there to those who need it.

4. Visions of Ted Serios---Ever since I first learned of the Chicago bellhop who amazed researchers in the 1960s with his apparent ability to create 'thought photographs' on Polaroid film, I have been fascinated. I was thrilled to recently learn that there was a short film made about Ted...but then I actually FOUND the film, lol. It starts out okay, but then diverts into UFOs and gets pretty weird from there on. It's only about 20 minutes long, so its not a complete waste of time if your curiosity gets the best of you.

5. Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy---This is for the hardcore Nightmare on Elm Street fans, and is available on Netflix streaming. Just under FOUR (4!!) hours of behind the scenes interviews, history and film clips from the iconic horror flick.

*Looking for more strange and spooky documentary recommendations?*

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